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Designing a handicapped shower is a highly tricky kind of job that has to be accomplished by a professionally run firm well experienced in this arena.

Designing a handicapped shower is a highly tricky kind of job that has to be accomplished by a professionally run firm well experienced in this arena. There are a number of tips that you must know to plan a handicapped shower. In the first place, know that a handicapped shower means a convenient kind of arrangement in the shower that is suitable for those with poor vision, poor balance or reduced mobility. It must also take into account that if someone has to accompany them to the shower, then the shower must be of a large size enabling the entry of the accompanying extra person inside in addition to a wheel chair or walker as necessary depending on the case. To begin with, you must know that a handicapped shower need not lack in its elegance and style.

While there are a lot of arrangements, fittings and add ons that shall make the shower more handicap friendly and easily accessible, you need to be however proactive in deciding what best arrangements shall suit your shower as per the typical needs that you or your family members have. The placement of grab bars in the bathroom must follow a clear plan and forethought. Those living in warmer climate need not go for a shower door or shower curtain and however, the choice is yours. If you can design the entire bathroom floor as a shower pan, it shall facilitate an easy entry besides assuring an adequate space for the caretaker.

If you are planning for a wet room, then the best idea is to consider fitting a wall-hung toilet. This shall render constructing the wet room much easier. Depending on your typical situation, you can choose to place the wall-hung toilet in a raised on lowered position that shall make the getting on and off much easier. For special conditions, you might need to plan for an oversized door. One good idea is to place the shower control valves very near the entry point in order to see that you do not get wet while operating the valves and also while letting it get heated up. It is always wise to go for large format tile that can provide a level surface to place a removable stool or a shower bench. A hand held spray wand is a good idea to make bathing very easy.

If you are not making a shower bench from scratch, you may go for one way slope for the shower floor. This will see to that the shower bench or stool shall not rock while sitting on. The point is, since most single point drains shall have several slopes, four legged stools shall keep rocking on all these kinds of floors. It is wise to install LED drain lights in the shower in order to let the users keep their bearings as the shower steams up. For those with visual impairment, fitting LED kits and linear shower drains is a good idea. Though not given a much thought as part of the bathroom remodelling project, it is important to adequately illumine the path way leading to the shower during nights.